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Middlesex - What does it mean to you?

The Historic Counties Trust is embarking on a project to explore Middlesex past and present and what it means to its people.

The historic county of Middlesex is more than just a suburban fringe; it encompasses the heart of Greater London and contains city centre, urban jungle, suburbia and farmland. It is full of places and memories.

The Historic Counties Trust has been asked to provide material for a standing exhibition on Middlesex to open next year. To build an idea of Middlesex therefore we are working alongside the Middlesex Federation to ask members of the public who live and work in Middlesex to tell us what Middlesex means to them, and what makes their towns and neighbourhoods what they are.

From local people’s stories and ideas we will build a collection of material about Middlesex past and present. Some will be used in the exhibition. Some will be used to help build up an appreciation of the county of Middlesex within the county.

Middlesex is one of the smallest of the traditional counties but is one of the most populous of all. 3¼ million people live within its borders, and each one of them has a story to tell.

  • Do you feel you live or work in Middlesex?
  • Whether you do or not, what does “Middlesex” mean to you?
  • What makes Middlesex Middlesex?
  • What gives your town its character?

The historic county of Middlesex stretches from the farmland of Harefield to the glittering towers on the Isle of Dogs, from the Colne to the Lea and from Potters Bar to the Thames. It is full of towns and villages, which have grown together, all full of places and memories.

  • We want to know what Middlesex is to you, and what your town is to you;
  • We want your thoughts, and your stories;
  • Send us pictures;
  • Help us to build an idea of Middlesex today and in memory.

Write to:
Middlesex: What does it mean to you?
Wise House
38 Pinewood Drive
Potters Bar

Or e-mail middlesex@historiccountiestrust.co.uk.

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